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Aquaticare Learn to Swim Program

lessons photoAquaticare not only staffs Lifeguards, but offers a comprehensive swim program as well. We are able to offer Swim Lessons, Water Aerobic classes, and Swim Team programs. We deliver what our customers want, if you choose to you can offer one or more of these programs to your patrons at your facility at no additional cost, the choice is yours

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Course Descriptions

Beginner Lessons
(Level 1)

Children's Learn to Swim class; skills taught--face submersion, bouyancy experience,
supported floating, supported front and back kicking and introduction to alternate arm action.

Advanced Beginner Lessons
(Level 2)

Children's Learn to Swim class; skills taught--breath holding, object retrieval , rhythmic breathing, front flutter kick, back flutter kick and introduction to freestyle and backstroke.

Intermediate Lessons
(Level 3)

Children's Learn to Swim class; skills taught--stroke development including rotary breathing, freestyle, freestyle backstroke, and introduces breaststroke.

Advanced Intermediate Lessons
(Level 4)

Children's learn to swim class; skills taught--stroke refinement for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, also introduces participants to butterfly stroke.

Private Swimming Lessons

Open to any age,infant through adult, designed to meet the individual needs of the swimmer.

Learn To Swim Program (LTSP)

Aquaticare teaches swimming lessons using the American Red Cross swimming instruction guidelines. From the IPAP ( Infant Parent Aquatic Program), to the Beginner, to the Advanced Intermediate we teach them all. Our Certified Instructors teach group and private lessons to meet the needs of every student child to adult. Aquaticare also offers Swim Teams to communities that do not have a community team. Aquaticare offers a Busy Parents Option

Take advantage of our flexible scheduling and custom class times. You pick the time and we supply the instructor. Let us fit your schedule, call 713-722-SWIM for more information.

No Lesson Overcrowding

Aquaticare wants your child to learn, that’s why we limit our class sizes to give as much individual attention as possible. There are benefits to being in a peer driven program, as long as it is balanced with adequate attention to each student. Our classes will not exceed 3 students at the lower levels and 4 in the advanced levels. We do this to offer the best learning environment possible, so that your child has the opportunity to succeed when learning to swim.

The Aquaticare Approach to a Communities Aquatic Programming

Aquaticare wants every community to get the programming they want, not what we want them to have. Aquaticare offers a variety of Programming options from Dive-in Movies to Water Aerobics. Each facility has different needs and each facility needs to have an Aquatics Program designed around the needs of the community. Aquaticare does not use a cookie cutter approach to pool management, every facility is different and will have a program designed around the community. Let us know what your community needs and we’ll develop a program specific to your communities needs. Rental and Party Management Let Aquaticare handle all aspects of your facility, including rentals, membership drives, pool parties (i.e. 4th of July, Splash Day™, Memorial Day, etc.). We offer a variety of Party packages and on site management options. Aquaticare will provide your facility with a management program that fits your Facility. Free Management Assessment Service Available. (Let Aquaticare make your gatherings memorable with options including; Sno-cone machines, Bounce Houses, games Coordinator, Duck Chase, Inflatable Water Slides, Dj’s etc.)

AQUATICARE Programs available to offer our Clients

Dive-In Movies™
Water Aerobics
Lifeguard Training
Jr. Lifeguard Program
Extreme H2O ™
Water Sports Camp
Water Safety Classes
Swimming Lessons
Rehabilitation Services
Sports Camps
Scuba Diving Classes
Community First aid and CPR training Classes
Swim Teams
AED Classes
Rental Personnel