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Commercial Pool Management

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Commercial Pool Management
AQUATICARE Mission Statement

“To bring better pool service to our communities and ensure the safety and well being of our clients.”

All AQUATICARE Lifeguards are certified in the following: AQUATICARE only employs American Red Cross Lifeguards who have passed the AQUATICARE Pre-Service exam. After passing this course lifeguards will be certified in the following, Lifeguard Training, Prevention of Disease Transmission, Oxygen Training, and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and Automatic External Defibrillator. We recognize that safety is the #1 priority for lifeguards for community pools and our lifeguards are the best in the business We believe that Lifeguards should not only be qualified but also adequately trained. Each of our Lifeguards is required to attend four hours of training each month, keeping their skills and your safety at the highest level.

AQUATICARE Lifeguards are prepared to save lives, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere, so swimmers enjoy their visit to the pool. Customer Service is a large part of a lifeguards job duties, Lifeguards must be prepared to save lives as well as treat pool patrons with respect and courtesy. They are trained to communicate and enforce the rules, while maintaining a friendly and positive attitude. Before being hired, an applicant must prove the lifeguard qualifications through a strict screening process to ensure that they have the:

  • Public Relation Skills
  • Rules Enforcement Training
  • HAZMAT Training
  • Blood Born Pathogens Training
  • Emergency action plans
  • First Aid
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard lifesaving Training
  • Lifeguard Audits
  • Water Safety Instructor Training
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Police Background Checks
  • Drug Screening
AQUATICARE also employs an internal auditor whose only function is to observe and train Lifeguards at each site. As part of our company wide policy, all Lifeguards have American Red Cross lifeguard Training and a set of responsibilities that they must achieve as part of their facility procedures. Some of these include:
  • Opening procedures of each facility
  • Assist in membership control and collection of fees
  • Ensure swimmers test is passed by all swimmers under the age of 12
  • Clean deck, tables, chairs and tile
  • Vacuum, skim, record chemical levels of pool
  • Inspect all filtration equipment
  • Check Filter pressure and backwash if necessary
  • Remove trash
  • Close umbrellas, arrange chairs and inspect facility at end of the day
  • Enforce Club's general pool rules for the safety of everyone involved
  • Consistently maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE

AQUATICARE specializes in management of community and private aquatic facilities in Texas. Our philosophy is “Safety First”, that is why we train our staff in the latest and most updated methods of Life guarding. We offer affordable and reliable pool management for any Aquatic Facility (No facility is too small or too big for our services). AQUATICARE provides management services for small neighborhood pools to commercial sized water parks. At AQUATICARE we listen to our clients when developing an Aquatics Program for their facility, because each Facility has different needs and we do not believe in the cookie cutter management style of aquatic facility management.

AQUATICAREs full service monthly maintenance and cleaning service utilizes state of the art computer managed chemical feeders. There are several options available including 24 hour internet access to Real Time chemical readings. Online monitoring is available year round to check pool chemical levels. This can be done from any Internet enabled PC. Check your pools Temperature, Chlorine, and PH Levels. To ensure top quality service our maintenance staff is comprised of full time staff members, not the traditional lifeguard looking for part time work while in school. Let our experienced professionals keep your pools in top shape year round.

It is our belief that every facility should be run as if it were an exclusive Country Club we call it a “Country Club Environment” where service is not only welcome, but expected. We want the pool to be a gathering spot in the community, where families can spend quality time in a safe and clean environment. We believe that Instead of the traditional pool manager structure used by most Pool Management Companies, a better more efficient option is AQUATICAREs Management structure utilizing Site Supervisors. Site Supervisors are trained to ensure that all of your facility needs are being met. Each Supervisor is assigned to a single site to address your concerns personally. They are there to prevent problems when possible and correct any problems that do occur in a timely fashion. AQUATICARE trains their Site Supervisors in the Prevention Theory of Management, they are trained recognize potential issues and address them before they have time to escalate. Our Supervisors are given the authority to make decisions, eliminating the need to wait for a Supervisor to respond or travel to the site.

Director of Commercial Operations Travis Clark and General Manager Andrew Steuber develop and oversee all aspects of Commercial contracts. They believe in visiting with their customers to better serve them, taking a hands-on approach. If there is a need in your community, we want to meet it.


Country Clubs
AQUATICARE is cognizant that most country clubs require special services to insure that the packages its members receive are the "Best in the Business". However, we also realize that clubs operate from a budget. With AQUATICARE, you can be assured as a General Manager that your staff has been coached and trained in such areas as Public Relations, Special Events, Risk Management, First Aid, and the latest in lifesaving techniques. Most importantly we are mindful of your clubs traditions and offer several amenities to insure a "Theme Park" Environment.

Home Owners Associations
AQUATICARE realizes that for Homeowner Associations (HOA's) board members are generally voluntary unpaid positions. AQUATICARE provides the framework, staffing, chemicals and operation it takes to make a successful and trouble free swim year. From membership support, to resolving complaints, you can be assured that your involvement with the operation of the swimming pool is trouble free. Simply add water and leave the rest to us.

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